Yolo Snapchat – How to Do Yolo on Snapchat


Yolo is a social Networking app. Which is Released for iOS devices. YOLO is one of the latest apps that’s are trending top of the app store. This app allows users to create accounts and log in to them using their existing Snapchat ID. YOLO is a Q&A app that allows users to send anonymous questions to another Snapchat user, which they can answer in their Snapchat Story. This yolo app also allows Snapchat users to post questions in their Story, which other anonymous Snapchat users can then answer. This TechCrunch says that yolo is similar to Polly. Yolo Snapchat Linking is very easy you can follow the given below guide.

Yolo Snapchat

What is Yolo App?

Yolo is a social networking app. Which is developed YOLO started by Gregoire Henrion, former co-founder and CEO of music video making app Mindie. This app is released for iPhone & Other ios devices. This app is not released for Android & Windows operating system. but in future, it was released for Android devices.YOLO is an app that lets you ask for anonymous questions via your Snapchat Story, receive them on YOLO, and then post the answers back to Snapchat. This app is trending in many countries like US, USA & Canada, Uk etc. The yolo app has mostly received positive feedback in Apple’s App Store. You can also Link Yolo Snapchat App.


How to Do Anonymous Question on Yolo Snapchat:

  1. First of all, Download Yolo App for your iOS device (Yolo App). Note: Yolo is not released for Android.
  2. Now open Yolo App on your iPhone/iPad.
  3. Now click Login with Snapchat.
  4. Now click on the Continue button to agree with terms and conditions.
  5. Now Snapchat App will be opened, Click on Continue button to link Snapchat with Yolo App.
  6. Now open Yolo App and click on Get Anonymous Messages button to start receiving anonymous messages from your Snapchat followers.
  7. Now Snapchat will be opened, Post your Snapchat Story.
  8. Now you can send easily Anonymous Question on Snapchat & You can also give anonymously answer to anyone.

The founder of yolo told that “It was not supposed to be a success. It was just for us to learn,” Gregoire Henrion told the news site. The official site is Onyolo snapchat here you can get all detail about that app. Yolo for Android. This app is download in million only in two days. if you have any question Regarding How to Do Yolo on Snapchat then ask in comments I will try to reply to you as soon possible. if you like then share it on facebook with your friends.



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